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Dharma Shamanic Healing

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Traveling through Australia my friend in Melbourne gave me the book 'Awakening of the Buddha within'

& while traveling I also read 'The Song lines' about the connection of the Aboriginals with the Earth & dreamtime.

Both books touched me so deeply.



Now many years later...

I am so happy to have started the discovery of Powerful energetic healing practices from Tibet

and the Aboriginals called Dharma Shamanic System thanks to Jose Antonio Machado.

Very grateful to receive these profound healing from source techniques from him and yes it is all about sharing benefits and being home in our true nature. 

Dharma Shamanic System helps:

  • Be in tune with the energy of Mother Earth and the Universal healing energy.
  • Overcome any limitations and live a freer and more authentic life.
  • Return to the natural frequency of your being.

In a session we can combine with Tibetan Healing Yoga

Just give me a call to reserve a 1:1 session: / 06-14995059


Location & Prices

Vruchtenbuurt Perenstraat 243 in Den Haag  

Session of 60 minutes: € 70 
Session of 90 minutes: € 100