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Discover, go deeper, body and mind Guidance: 1:1 Yoga

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Private sessions 

1:1 yoga is ideal if you wish to discover, learn, deepen your practice and to have guidance in how to integrate an effective practice into your daily life. And also very helpful in times of change. 

  • Yoga Basics
  • 5 Elements movements & benefits (basis of health = the balance of the 5 elements according to Ayurveda & Tibetan Medicine)
  • Tibetan Yoga Lu Jong I / Lu Jong II / Tsa Lung Tummo Bliss
  • Meditation, mindfulness 
  • Breath power
  • Do-in / Yin
  • Relaxation with Yoga Nidra 
  • for eg resilience, physical strength, coping with difficulties or injuries / burnout,  become more mindful of the breath, strengthen your spine, awareness, inner power, unwinding / feel energized & relaxed
  • including movements to helpt the joints in the different body parts become more supple and strong, also strenghtening tendons ligaments, movement that helps against headache/migraine, movements that nourish the vital organs, movements for digestion, clear senses, youthfulness, inner warmth & bliss, against waterretention, promoting health and happiness. 

= wisdom tools in your hands so you can apply them in daily life ;-)  

 Price for privates: 

€ 100,00 / 75 mins, 5 sessions € 475

€ 88,00 / 60 mins, 5 sessions € 420


Den Haag:  Perenstraat 243 (Vruchtenbuurt) 2564 RZ Den Haag

Amsterdam:  Droogbak 11, 1013 GG Amsterdam

Book a session: / 31-6-14995059

Special prices online, beach & for duo yoga, family/small groups