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22 April Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Introduction Workshop in Amsterdam

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Lu Jong is very precious as it works on all dimensions of our well-being. It is also called Tibetan (healing) yoga. With Lu Jong we do flowing movements with awareness and breath. It is gentle, yet powerful and very effective. Lu Jong brings us in the present moment. We boost our health, keep our spine healthy and flexible and overcome negative emotions. We feel our natural state of being again.  We relax and experience more space in our body, our mind and our life. We free ourselves from restlessness and limiting beliefs. Insights come spontaneously. Lu Jong helps us to be inspired, happy and home within ourselves. In the series we have 21 movements: 5 elements, 5 body parts (musculo-skeletal group), 5 vital organs, 6 conditions (exercises with more specific benefits for health and happiness) .

Background: Lu Jong is rooted in Bön, Tantrayana Buddhism, and Tibetan Medicine: wisdom of the 5 elements, of nature, the subtle body, and how to promote health and happiness! Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche bought these series to the west. Your teacher Mariette de Kroon has been his student since 2006 and gives the Lu Jong Teacher Training since 2009.

Date: Saturday 22 April

Time: 14-16.30

Contribution: € 35 

Adrress: Celebesstraat 6, 1094 EJ Amsterdam

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Mariette is an experienced Tibetan Yoga teacher. She started her body-mind journey with a retreat with the Dalai Lama. She studied Shiatsu / Do-in and Tibetan Yoga. Since 2009 she gives the Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Teacher Training in the lineage of precious Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang. She shares body-breath-heart-mind tools and wisdom to encourage health, happiness, and awareness. Her style is intuitive, playful, and 'in the moment'. It is her joy to help students discover their own wisdom and joy.

Insta: kiflow_tibetanyoga, Facebook: Mariette de Kroon