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Weekly classes

✅  continuing Online Live Groupclasses:  Follow from anywhere! 🧘‍♀️Through Delightyoga: Thursdays 12.00-13.15 Tibetan Yoga Online. Book at (online) This class is in EN and remains here for you during 7 days.   ✅ weekly groupclasses Live in Den Haag (Studios and Outdoor) Monday...

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Upcoming Beachyoga!

Monday 18.00 weekly! Beachyoga Scheveningen thru Delightyoga - reserve here: (Outdoor) Location = Boonoonoonoos -  Strandnoord 15, Scheveningen (that s just at the end of Keizerstraat, the first beachpavillion that you see. We gather there 17.50-18.00 at the right front corner and then walk to the sea)


Start your Lu Jong Teacher Training in October 2020 or in February 2021

  and complete your education with Masterclasses in October 2021   Steps in becoming a Lu Jong Teacher Education: This 14 day course is an education in the fundamental theory and practice of Lu Jong with Educator Mariette de Kroon. And you'll have your home practice of course. The education is concluded with a practical exam with your educator and an online exam of t...


Online Tsa Lung course starting 7th November

Online Tsa Lung course starting in autumn: series of 7 times Saturday 9.30-11.30, €150 If you are interested to join, send me an email & confirm your availability for Saturdays 9.30-11.30 as of 7th November 2020: I wish to facilitate this for a small dedicated group ❤️ to ensure the quality of this amazing practice, so reserve your spot in time ðŸ™   ...


1st October Full Moon Practice and Meditation

  🧘‍♀️ Thursday 1st October 8.30-9.30 Full Moon Live practice together @DELIGHTYOGA Den Haag  Already save the date and one week before you'll be able to book here:   With full moon our body channels are naturally more open, our life force reaches deeper places.  This is what our yoga practice is about, an...

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Lu Jong Intensive - 5 days for you - Start 10th October 2020 (or February 2021)

It is possible to join for 5 days of Lu Jong to know and experience Lu Jong more profoundly for yourself.  This training costs € 695 ex VAT - you can start in October 2020 in Den Haag: 10 October, 21 November, 12-13 December, 30 January 2021   or you can start in February 2021 In this training you practise and start to integrate the movements of the whole series and you learn a ...

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25 October- Feel the whole series of Lu Jong in a flow - workshop Delightyoga Amsterdam

  Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective, playful, gentle and powerful at the same time.  Lu Jong is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet – Tantrayana & Bön – and in Tibetan Medicine and contains amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together. Lu means body and Jong means training or transformation. We use our body a...


Private classes online & outdoor

Private yoga (online & outdoor) in EN/NL (mostly - just ask;) in Tsa Lung, Lu Jong I-II, mindfulness, meditation, do-in I am very happy to tune in 1:1 with body/breath/heart/mind guidance, basic yoga & tibetan wisdom teachings and do-in meridian stretches. = wisdom tools in your hands so you can apply them in daily life ;-)  🙏 This is ideal if you would like to lea...


Yoga Sailing holidays: 17-24 October 2020 & 22-29 May 2021

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack   In these holidays in Turkey/Greece you can sleep under the stars, feel the sunshine on your skin, a breeze in your face & enjoy boatlife, sailing & yoga in beautiful surroundings. And of course swim in Big Blue turquoise clarity! This is a unique experience, a full week of being on and in the water, yoga twice per ...