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15 April & 13 Mei Tsa Lung: Kracht van de adem, energielichaam en dynamische oefeningen (Online)


15 April & 13 Mei Tsa Lung Online

Tijd: 9.30-11.30

Bijdrage: € 50


Hier lees je meer over Tsa Lung of hieronder ook in he Engels. 


Power of the Breath Tsa Lung series

Train your breath and discover your hidden and amazing potential. Breath and mind are so much connected...

Here you learn more about the breath and you train your life force.  You receive practical tools for daily life and i will share knowledge from Tantrayana background

on the breath and the subtle body.

Tsa Lung is a strong dynamic practice and at the same time a powerful spiritual teaching. This practice allows you to go deep in yourself: body,breath,heart and mind.

The Tsa Lung I teach here is Tsa Lung from the Kalachakra tradition (as taught by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche). There are 20 movements, 10 seated and 10 standing, in these short series we focus on the build up of the practice and the seated movements, we may add a few standing ones.