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Yoga holidays

Urban winter reTreat Tibetan Healing Yoga 26-27-28 January 2024 14-16.30 Amsterdam


Urban winter reTreat: 3x Tibetan Healing Yoga 26-27-28 January 2024 14-16.30

Flowing movements to open yourself.  Both gentle and powerful, the practice of Lu Jong is very effective on all levels: physical, energetic and mental. 

Its also called ‘mindful movement. The breath plays an important role while practicing. It is the bridge between body and mind  By the movements and the way of breathing your mind gets clear. The practice helps you to ground and feel your space and connect from there to your environment. Lu Jong helps you to be in the present moment and make choices from your heart, knowing we are all interconnected. 

Lu Jong has many physical, energetic and mental.benefits.We take care of our spine keeping it healthy, strong, flexible and helping the body to function in a healthy way.  We open the body channels, allowing energy to flow well and taking essential nutrients there where needed. Balancing the elements and opening our channels we also transform negative emotions. So we find back our natural state of being. A relaxed state of being also means there is space in your body, your mind, your heart, in your life. Insights come spontaneously. Lu Jong helps to be inspired, happy, stand in your power. The movements are suitable for both beginners and advanced yogi's.

With the deep Vajrayana wisdom (about the subtle body), Tibetan medicine and nature, it works as medicine. Transforming. Bringing yourself home.  

The Lu Jong series consists of 21 exercises: 5 element movements - 5 movements for the body parts (musculo-skelettal group) -  5 movements for the vital organs - 6 conditions: movements with specific benefits for health and happiness.

And there are 2 extra movements from Tibetan medicine, one helping to fall asleep and one that helps to be awake and present;-). 


Friday: 14-16.30 uur

Saturday: 14-16.30 uur

Sunday: 14-16.30 uur

Each session offers extra Lu Jong movements & deepening into teachings (of subtle body, 5 elements, tantrayana, our amazing potential)  

@Samanayogacenter, Droogbak 11, Amsterdam, 


Join all sessions: €99 if you are available, of course we recommend this

Join per session: €35