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Tsa Lung One Day retreat in Den Haag Sunday 19 November

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Tsa Lung One Day retreat in Den Haag Saturday Sunday 19 November 23 10-17 

A day to go deeper in the Tibetan Teachings with this powerful practice! 

This is a dynamic powerful practice where we combine breath retention, body movements, visualisation & awareness.  In Tsa Lung we train our breath, our life force. When the breath flows, the mind flows. By using powerful movements we open our subtle body. With energy flowing it can reach deep places and open & nourish more subtle channels. Blood quality improves & hormone production increases. We feel happiness in the body & our mind is satisfied and calm. With a calm mind we can recognize our nature. Tsa Lung greatly improves our physical health & happiness.

Times: 10-17.00
Contribution: € 88
Location: Den Haag, Perenstraat 243

Looking forward to sharing and practicing this amazing practice together!


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