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Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga

Lu Jong aan Zee Kiflow



Lu Jong Tibetan yoga

Lu Jong is very precious as it works on all dimensions of our well-being.

Lu Jong is rooted in: 

  •  Bön Wisdom of nature - 5 elements - how body & mind work together in an optimal way in tune with (your) nature 
  • Tantrayana (also called Vajrayana: diamond teachings): amazing wisdom of the subtle body: channels, windenergy and essence
  • Tibetan Medicine: tremendous health benefits

Lu means body, Jong means transformation and art of movement. With Lu Jong we do flowing movements with awareness & breath to open our body channels, so our vital energy can flow harmoniously. When our circulation improves, our essence can also reach the places where needed. We nourish our inner warmth, helping our digestion, blood quality, absorption of nutrients, hormone production, radiance.  

We boost our health, keep our spine healthy and flexible. We balance the 5 elements, which both in Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda is the base of health. When we balance and purify the elements we also overcome negative emotions. We free ourselves from restlessness, limiting beliefs, and feel our natural state of being again.  Lu Jong brings us in the present moment. 

Relaxed and energized we experience more space in our body, our mind and our life. Insights come spontaneously. Lu Jong helps us to be inspired, happy & powerful.

The practice is gentle (accessible for all) and powerful at the same time. 

I am super grateful Tibetan Buddhist Master & Physician Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche brought these amazing series to the West so we now we too can experience all benefits with ourselves.  

21 movements (&2): 5 Element movements, 5 Body Parts. 5 Vital Organs. 6 Conditions (to promote health & happiness) & 2 extra: 1 for Sleep and Wakefulness



  • Better resistance to disease, stronger immune system
  • Increase in strength, endurance, power
  • Better circulation of blood & nutrients
  • Sharper senses
  • Better digestion, metabolic functioning & cellular processes.
  • Promote youthful radiance
  • Healthier spine & often improved posture
  • Well-being, less pains



  • Better circulation of energy
  • More balanced breath
  • Vitality increases 



  • Calm mind
  • Increased awareness
  • Release of negative emotions
  • Mind power: see how we create our world with our mind
  • Better focus
  • More clarity
  • We can use mind to direct energy
  • Happy mind


Experience & Integrate in Your Life

Lu Jong is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is easy to integrate in your life so the tools and all the benefits are yours! Find your class!