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Become a Lu Jong Teacher: March 2023 - March 2024

Steps in becoming a Lu Jong Teacher

  • Education: This 14 day course is an education in the fundamental theory and practice of Lu Jong with Educator Mariette de Kroon. During the education you'll learn and feel the benefits of Lu Jong, how Lu Jong functions and know the background of these wisdom teachings. You'll feel the effects of your practice in your daily life. The education is concluded with a practical exam with your educator and an online exam of theory.
  • After passing these 2 exams you attend online Masterclasses with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. In these 3 days you practice together with and receive masterclasses from Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.
  • After the successfull exams and attended Masterclasses you will receive your certificate to teach Lu Jong.


The education, your own practice, the extensive manual and the masterclass with Tulku Lobsang prepare you so you will be able to transmit Lu Jong in a clear, pure and confident way.


LU JONG TEACHER TRAINING​ you can start in February / March 2023. This full year programme is directed to the March 2024 Masterclasses,

Education dates 2023-2024: 

Sunday 19 March
Saturday 1 or Sunday 16 April
Sunday 11 June
Sunday 2 July 
Saturday+Sunday  9+10 September
Sunday 29 October
Sunday 19 November
Saturday+Sunday 16-17 December
Saturday 13 January '24
Saturday 3 February '24 
Saturday-Sunday  17-18 February '24

Address in The Hague: Perenstraat 243

Standard times: 10-17

Online Masterclasses: 8-9-10 March 2024


LU JONG TEACHER TRAINING (partly) online : / 06-14995059

This is also possibly on Tuesdays / Fridays: let me know your availability. 


Cost of the Lu Jong Teacher Training

Registration & fee for Nangten Menlang International  € 420*

Education: Teacher Training programme with Mariette de Kroon € 1650 (ex VAT)

Masterclass / Certification Weekend Tuition € 380*

*no VAT applies.

Food, lodging and travel are not included.


Fyi Price for ONLINE Education Course: can be adapted according to Student’s Country of Residence 


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