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Do you wish to share Lu Jong and all its benefits? 

About Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga

Lu Jong is very precious as it works on all dimensions of our well-being. With Lu Jong we do flowing movements with awareness & breath. It is gentle, yet powerful and very effective.

Lu Jong brings us in the present moment. We boost our health, keep our spine healthy and flexible and overcome negative emotions. We feel our natural state of being again. We relax and experience more space in our body, our mind and our life. We free ourselves from restlessness & limited beliefs. Our minds become more clear and insights come spontaneously. Lu Jong helps us to be inspired, happy & powerful.

Lu Jong is 8000 year old and rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet. The practice  contains much wisdom of how natural cycles, body and mind work together. The Lu Jong series consist of 23 movements, helping us to be healthy, grounded, inspired, happy & aware. The movements are suitable for all ages & abilities.

Becoming a Teacher

This 14 day course is an education in the fundamental theory and practice of Lu Jong with Educator Mariette de Kroon, You gradually integrate the practice in your daily life. You can count on 3h study per week. The education is concluded with a practical exam with your educator and an online theory exam. 

After these 2 exams you attend a 3 day Masterclasses weekend with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. In these three days you practice together with and receive masterclasses from Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. After the masterclasses and having passed the exams succesfully you will receive your certificate to teach Lu Jong.

The education, your own practice, the extensive manual and the masterclass with Tulku Lobsang prepare you so you will be able to transmit Lu Jong in a clear, pure and confident way.

For an overview of dates also see the page with practical info.


Cost of the Lu Jong Teacher Training

Registration & fee for Nangten Menlang International  € 420*

Education: Teacher Training programme with Mariette de Kroon € 1650 (ex VAT) = € 1997 (incl VAT) 

Online Masterclass / Certification Weekend Tuition Nangten Menlang International  € 380*

*no VAT applies.

Food, lodging and travel are not included.


In the lineage of Tulku Lobsang

Tulku Lobsang is a reincarnated lama, a loved Buddhist master & Tibetan doctor. He gives teachings all over the world, and transmits the Tantrayana wisdom to us in a very accessible way. He brought these Lu Jong series to the West. The educators who are allowed to give the Lu Jong Teacher Training are under his personal guidance. Masterclasses by Tulku Lobsang are an integral part of this Teacher Training. This is very special. Like this we always maintain the quality, purity and essence of the teachings. 


What is important: 

Your enthusiasm & motivation to go deeper in yourself with Lu Jong & a wish from the heart to share the benefits! Tulku Lobsang developed this certification program in order to build high quality teachers to spread the Lu Jong practice for the benefit of people around the world. To promote health and happiness.  

Overview Content Teacher Training:

• Background of Lu Jong - Roots in Bön and Tantrayana - Lineage of Tulku Lobsang

• Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism   - Tantrayana and the Subtle Body  

• Foundations of nature: 5 Elements & how they function in the body, mind/emotions

• Overview (basic principles) of Tibetan Medicine & Context of Tibetan Medicine & anatomy in relation to the Lu Jong movements & their benefits

• The Lu Jong Practice (23) :  5 Elements, 5 Body Parts (musculoskeletal system), 5 Vital Organs, & 8 (6+2) movements with more specific benefits to promote health, youth and happiness.  

• Meditation (Mindfulness meditation), breathing exercises, 5 element massage,& additional practices 

• Teaching guidelines, pedagogic tools 


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