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Mindful You



Mindfulness means you living your life fully in the present moment, the only moment we really have. Mindfulness practices help us relax, reduce stress and be conscious. When fully present we make better choices, we feel that are life improves! So Instead of being caught up in thoughts about the past or expectations about the future you can relax into what is and live from a space of more calm. And act spontaneously and wisely in the moment.  

The benefits of Mindfulness are far reaching and scientifically researched. Some of the benefits include: 

- relaxation & awareness
- mental strength & focus
- better cognitive skills, decision making & creative thinking
- Increased energy levels


You can join me for: 

- Mindfulness Meditation 

In this meditation we experience the different foundations we can use to be mindful in daily life. We can work with body sensations, the breath, sound etc.

Using a support / an anchor helps us to get less distracted. In this way we train the mind, like we train our muscles. Training our mind is in the traditional teachings compared to training an elephant. 


- Introduction Mindfulness course 

In an Introduction Mindfulness course you learn about all the stages in mindfulness as taught in the ancient Buddhist teachings. From an easily distracted mind up to the stage of a single point state of mind. Whether we experience and integrate all of these stages or not, in any case already serves us as a roadmap to recognize where we are. It helps us to place our experiences in true perspective.    

You can recognize when you are off track. And know which antidotes to use then. 

And you learn the 6 powers that are always available to you. These are beneficial in all aspects of life, not only in meditation.

So this Introduction into Mindfulness is a foundation and gives you overview in your mindfulness practice.