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Start the 2023-2024 Lu Jong Teacher Training

Steps in becoming a Lu Jong Teacher Education: This 14 day course is an education in the fundamental theory and practice of Lu Jong with Educator Mariette de Kroon. The education is concluded with a practical exam with your educator and an online exam of theory. After passing these 2 exams you attend a Masterclass Certification weekend with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. In these ...


Schedule weekly Classes

weekly in THE HAGUE:  Wednesday 9.00-10.15 TibetanYoga@MyJourney, Pomonaplein 49, Den Haag, book via Eversports or Onefit Thursday The Hague Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga 18.30-19.45: Perenstraat 243 Den Haag & online upcoming dates 23 March & new series: 6th April Full Moon*, 13, 27 April, 4, 25 May (April-May €75) register:  *6 April: With Full M...

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Tsa Lung series: feel your EnergyBody, Power of the Breath & dynamic movements in Amsterdam on Thursday

Tsa Lung series n Amsterdam @LIVEYOGA, Celebesstraat 6, Amsterdam:  THURSDAY 11-12.15 Power of the Breath and dynamic movements (Tsa Lung) Series in Amsterdam @LIVEYOGA, Celebesstraat 6, Amsterdam:  THURSDAY 11-12.15 Power of the Breath and dynamic movements (Tsa Lung) Series from now until 28 April: you can book your class here:    About Tsa Lung...


6 April March 2023 Full Moon Special met Lu Jong & Tsa Lung 18.30-20.30

Full Moon - Fully supported by Nature.   On a full moon our body channels are naturally more open, our life force reaches deeper places.  This facilitates all the other bodymind benefits. Because of this increased power, our practice at full moon brings us greater benefits that last longer than on a regular day!  This time an extra special session where you are al...

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15 April & 13 May 9.30-11.30 Tsa Lung Online (EN) EnergyBody, Power of the Breath & dynamic movements practice

Power of the Breath Tsa Lung series Train your breath and discover your hidden and amazing potential. Breath and mind are so much connected... Here you learn more about the breath and you train your life force.  You receive practical tools for daily life and i will share knowledge from Tantrayana background on the breath and the subtle body. Tsa Lung is a strong dynamic pract...

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22 April Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Introduction Workshop in Amsterdam

Lu Jong is very precious as it works on all dimensions of our well-being. It is also called Tibetan (healing) yoga. With Lu Jong we do flowing movements with awareness and breath. It is gentle, yet powerful and very effective. Lu Jong brings us in the present moment. We boost our health, keep our spine healthy and flexible and overcome negative emotions. We feel our natural state of being again.  We re...


23 April 14-16.30 Workshop Tibetan Yoga at Merlijn Body & Mind Rijswijk/Delft

Introductie Tibetaanse Yoga  Achtergrond: Bön, Tantrayana Boeddhisme en Tibetaanse Geneeskunst. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche heeft deze serie naar het westen gebracht. Mariette is sinds 2006 zijn student en geeft ook de Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga Leraren Opleiding (sinds 2009) Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga is heel bijzonder en effectief op alle dimensies van je welzijn: Fysiek, enegetisch en mentaal. In Lu Jong c...

10 March 2023

Extra option YogaSailing 3-10 June 2023

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack   extra option 3-10 June 2023 In these holidays in Turkey/Greece you can sleep under the stars, feel the sunshine on your skin, a breeze in your face & enjoy boatlife, sailing & yoga in beautiful surroundings. And of course swim in Big Blue turquoise clarity! This is a unique experience, a full week of being on an...

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17 June 23 Tsa Lung the Energy Body One day Retreat Saturday Den Haag and Online

Tsa Lung One Day retreat in Den Haag Saturday 17 June 23 10-17  A day to go deeper in yourself with the Tibetan Teachings: a powerful energy body practice!  This is a dynamic powerful practice where we combine breath retention, body movements, visualisation & awareness.  In Tsa Lung we train our breath, our life force. When the breath flows, the mind flows. By using powerful movemen...

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YogaSailing 7-14 October 2023 (last cabins) and extra option 3-10 June 2023

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack in the Aegean Sea  7-14 October 2023 (last cabins) and extra option 3-10 June 2023 This is a unique high quality yogasailing reTreat. A full week of being on and in the water with yoga twice per day is so nourishing for body and mind. Stunning nature to recharge in and always Yoga with a view. We visit beautiful bays, pic...

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zaterdag 8 juli 13.30-17.00 Tibetaanse Yoga Treat voor jezelf @Cityzen Goes

Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga - Treat voor jezelf @Cityzen Goes zaterdag 8 juli Tijd: 13.30-17.00, inclusief theepauze met iets lekkers, deze middag is een mooie balans van inspanning en ontspanning  Adres: Voorstad 65 4461 KL Goes Prijs: € 50 Docent: Mariette de Kroon Geef je op bij:, cc:    Treat voor jezelf...

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14 &15 July Tibetan Yoga at Healing Festival Venwoude

This year I am again at Healing Festival at Venwoude! Tibetan Yoga Friday 14 & Saturday 15 July Workshops  Tibetaanse Yoga vrijdag en zaterdag: Mariette de Kroon Lu betekent lichaam en Jong betekent beweegkunst en transformatie. Lu Jong is gegrond in Tibetaanse geneeskunst, Bön & Tantrayana Boeddhisme. Lu Jong b...


Urban retreat 21-22-23 July 2023 14-16.30: 3 days of Lu Jong Tbetan Yoga in Amsterdam

Urban retreat 3 days of Tibetan Healing Yoga 21-22-22 July 2023 Flowing movements to open yourself.  Both gentle and powerful, the practice of Lu Jong is very effective on all levels: physical, energetic and mental.  Its also called ‘mindful movement. The breath plays an important role while practicing. It is the bridge between body and mind  By the movements and the way of breath...

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26-27 August Happy Spirit Days Festival Op Hodenpijl

Mariette de Kroon Mariette is Tibetaans yogaleraar en teacher trainer.  Na haar eerste retreat bij de Dalai Lama ontmoette ze in 2006 Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche – de bekende boeddhistisch leermeester en arts. Van hem leerde ze Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga en sinds 2009 geeft ze naast haar reguliere lessen ook de docentopleiding Lu Jong (Tibetaanse yoga). Tibetaanse yoga Tijdens het festival ...


18-19-20 August: 3 days of Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Den Haag

3 Days of Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga  for Inner Joy, Happiness & Health -  (EN/NL)            This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in this practice for health & happiness: open your body, your heart and your mind.  In these 3 days you’ll learn the whole Lu Jong 1 series and the benefits are yours!   Read more about Lu Jong here ...

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