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Options / what does it look like?


Why THIS in specific? 

The BodyMind Energizers offered here contain highly effective body movements that help body and mind work together in an optimal way.

They contain tremendous wisdom & have a deep effect. They leave you with healthy shoulders & spine, a clear productive mind & fresh energized presence, just to mention a few (for a more complete overview: see results & benefits) 


What does it look like? 

Down to earth & accessible
No extra facilities needed
Movements you can do anywhere
Maximum effects in minimum time

People will ask: "Once learned, how can I integrate this in my schedule. How much time do I need?'  You can re-assure them: 12-15 minutes 

You can choose to book this Energizer (both in physical presence and online):  

  • 1x as a mindful meeting / as part of an inspiring Team day: joyful energizing teambreak where you experience these effective tools for the first time.
  • 3x: The 3 step approach as an offer to your personnel to experience, understand and really integrate this as a smart recharger in daily life. Including hand-outs, examples customized to your business & full support. 
  • this can also be offered in 3 separate themes of 20 minutes: Mindfulness, Power of the Breath & Movements Energizer.
  • weekly in your company   
  • for specific re-integration purposes
  • or tailor made Bodymindlife programmes - Inner Leadership:  Body/Mind/Life balance, alignment of goals, tools to deal with challenges and optimizing inner power, motivation & contribution. More extensive, includes more tools & guided sessions.

See the section on Benefits and connect to plan a meeting and discuss the possibilities: â€‹ / 0614995059 

About your Trainer

Business Trainer & Educator Mariette de Kroon has her background in Business & in BodyMind studies & is experienced in teaching large groups. The body-mind programmes & energizers she presents here are rooted in wisdom-methods of Tibet and in the Mindfulness teachings.

Mariette is certified Body Mind Educator since 2009.