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BodyMind Training and Energizers in your Organisation


BodyMind training / energizers for Business to take good care of your vital resource!

Your team. Your organisation.

Energizers help your employees to work in a healthy, relaxed, open clear minded, inspired & fully effective way.   

Smart & effective – Energizing/motivating – Inspiring & Fun – bodymind training & relaxation - Easy to integrate in the busiest schedule 

Q: Where are we without the people that make our companies. The real DNA, our biggest asset. Can we go further in optimizing human potential & sustainability?

Why is this so relevant, what is happening? 

  • Many people experience stress & tension. Stress means contraction and less effective use of our resources. Stress decreases open-mindedness, creativity and productivity. We need more understanding of how body and mind work together. And we need practical accessible tools that are not time-consuming yet are very effective in reducing stress and promoting a relaxed energized way of working
  • We live in a fast paced time with lots of (social media) interactions, it is easy for our mind to be fragmented and distracted. So it is important that we have some practical, effective tools that help to us stay clear and focused.
  • Office / pc work often keeps us in the same position for a long time and we build up tension in shoulders, neck and spine. To counter this fact we need to move and take care of our spine, by opening it and re-establishing its flexibility & strength. We then positively influence all the body’s systems and increase our energy.
  • Burn-out & absence leave of personnel greatly impact finances, output and well-being in organisations, teams, families and individuals. Lets do something positive that promotes well-being to turn this tendency around.

Conclusion: we need

  • Know-how & effective tools for our body & mind  
  • Experience the tools
  • Integrate, really use these tools (so they need to be practical and accessible) 

When we use our body in this smart effective way, our mind also becomes clear. We feel relaxed and energized, able to focus at tasks at hand.  

The BodyMind Training and Energizers presented here bring you exactly this!