body breath heart mind


The benefits / results are: 

  • Energized fresh presence
  • Relaxed
  • Stress reduction
  • Helps the spine to be strong and flexible.
  • Less tension shoulders.
  • Calm, clear, focused mind
  • See potential (see changes as opportunities rather than threats)
  • A helicopter view, see the bigger picture
  • Stimulates an open-mind, out the box thinking & creativity
  • More awareness of signals of body & mind, facilitates better self-regulation
  • A better understanding of how body and mind work together
  • Promotes inner leadership
  • Joyful teambreak

Extra benefits for the organisation:

  • Less chance of stress related absence and burn-out
  • Optimize recovery / reintegration
  • Less cost of absence
  • Be a sustainability example as a company: sustainability starts with your most important resource: the people
  • Do something extra for the happiness of your personnel, creates a good vibe & helps to optimize each individuals contribution: win-win.