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Shiatsu / do-in


Shiatsu - Amsterdam & Den Haag

Shiatsu is a form of Eastern manual therapy, based on Chinese medicine and further developed in japan. Within this system, physical or emotional disturbances are the result of an imbalance in the natural flow of vital energy (Ki, Qi, lung, prana). This energy circulates the body through energy channels or meridians, and is the base of our organs and all our life functions.

With shiatsu one can reach and help this energy to flow, in order to stimulate the body’s self-healing capacities. By accessing the meridians, areas that contain less energy are nourished while in other areas energetic tensions decrease. This way the energy becomes more balanced & well-being is promoted.

It helps blood and energy circulation, relaxes the muscles and helps to detox.  Shiatsu particularly helps to reduce tensions, can improve sleep quality, digestion and help release pain in muscles or joints. Immune system, hormones & nervous systems are aided. Shiatsu may also be beneficial in cases of hyperactivity or lack of concentration. Your mind gets calmer, clearer, more centered. Shiatsu is a great support in times of transformation & brings you closer to yourself.

NB In cases of fever, infections, wounds, or short after an operation no shiatsu is given. In case of medical questions / indications, always consult your physician.

Shiatsu consists of an intake, touch with awareness, accessing meridians & promoting flow.  Genuine touch with awareness is nourishing. Often an energetic feeling of being home is experienced.  

A session:  

Shiatsu can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes. Shiatsu is received with clothes on, please choose comfortable & loose clothes with natural fabrics. Please have your meal at least 1,5 hours prior to the shiatsu session.

Locations & Prices:

DelightYoga Den Haag / Delight Yoga Amsterdam, mostly at Nieuwe Achtergracht

Session of 60 minutes: €70 / 5x card:
Session of 90 minutes: €95 / 5x card:

Option: Stretches you can do yourself helping the flow of energy in the meridians: Do-In  

If you receive a shiatsu session it is possible you receive a particular stretch to do at home because it will help to strengthen or balance certain meridians. These Do-in meridian stretches are an ideal combination with shiatsu. If you wish to experience do-in more thoroughly, you can also follow a class or book a 1:1 session. A do-in class consists of warm-up meridian stretches, breath-awareness, strengthening our core (hara) & a short meditation. With do-in you increase flexibility, energy levels & circulation & body awareness.

Mariette de Kroon is Shiatsu practitioner & Do-in teacher since 2006, educated at “Nederlandse School voor Klassieke Shiatsu”, Den Haag