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Q&A with Mariette de Kroon

Mariette de Kroon (Yogateacher & Teacher Trainer) Mariette geeft les sinds 2007. Ze is onder andere opgeleid in do-in, in Tibetaanse yoga & Mindfulness. Sinds 2009 geeft ze de Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga docentenopleiding. Daarnaast: yoga(zeil)retreats met Tibetaanse Yoga en Do-In, workshops en ademkracht cursussen. Mariette geeft open, inlevend en intuïtief les. Down-to earth & diepgaande t...

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Inner Embassy in front op Peace Palace is Open

We are so happy to announce yoga studio Inner Embassy, at Scheveningseweg 14 in The Hague is Open! A group of yoga teachers have come together to keep yoga happening in the same sacred space where Delightyoga was first based in The Hague. Inner Embassy is a non-profit community-driven organization, built and supported by dedicated yoga teachers. It emerged as a response to the wish of yog...


Hand-out 5 elements & join the practice now

Here you find the hand-out of the 5 element movements This one is in NL language, any questions: Join me for a weekly class if you can  &  Here you also find a video (of a Facebook live event) so you can join the practice (NL)      ...

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Serenity and flow of Water - experience yourself 19-26 October 2024

    19-26 October 2024 you can join us like this!          ...


Enjoy the cutest Lu Jong - Tibetan Healing Yoga - students ever!


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Advice in times of change

Last week I came across my notes of an inspiring teaching on Leadership and Change by Tulku Lobsang. I am happy to share it here now, I am sure we can all benefit from this advice at some point in time…   ‘A leader is aware that change is the base of existence. And ready to act in an inspired way with change. Open-minded. Because (s)he knows without change there is no development. &nbs...


May our Hearts

relax in each others company  like crystals of water  re-arranging in their original state of source  happiness ~ love purely reflecting what is    - mariette  ...



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Precious waves

Relaxation : the way to feel whole.  Remembering, knowing your wholeness, your inner peace = your inner power.  Your vibe, your heartfulness, your courage, your grace & inner peace shine thru the conditions that come and go.  #eachmomentfresh #preciousstillness #preciouswaves #interface #meetyourself ...


Article Boeddhamagazine - Promoting Youth (NL)