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Upcoming Soulshine & Recharge holidays

stretching after sunrise on gunung Batur.JPG

Yogaholidays soulshine & recharge

Mariette loves the outdoors & being on a yogaretreat in nature is a wonderful way to tune in and fully recharge.

On yogaholiday you are fully immersed and nature helps to recognize spaciousness and your natural relaxed self.  

You integrate the practice and all its benefits playfully, while enjoying beautiful nature & freedom.

Besides having an amazing holiday - the joy, benefits, tools & inspiration will be yours to stay. 


Celebrate time for yourself! Tune in, feel and enjoy! 



Sailing & Yoga in Greece-Turkey 25 May-1st June 2019  & 5-12 October 2019

* 3 days of Tibetan Yoga by the Sea in Den Haag 9-10-11 August 2019 

Next YogaSailing dates & Teacher Training Start on a sailing boat 2020 - send me an email if interested so I can keep you up to date / +31-614995059