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Yogazeilvakantie 5 - 12 Oktober 2019


Yogasailing holidays 5-12 October 2019  (EN & NL)

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack  

In these holidays you can sleep under the stars, feel the sunshine on your skin, a breeze in your face & enjoy excellent sailing & yoga in beautiful surroundings. And of course swim in Big Blue turquoise clarity!

Being on and in the water, with stunning nature around, you easily tune into natural relaxed rhythms. The combination of sailing & the flow of yoga (morning and before dinner) is an ultimate way to relax and recharge. We'll visit amazing bays, picturesque islands and villages. Everything is possible just as you feel: snorkelling, kayaking, trying a sup-board, exploring on land or read a book & relax with a drink at sunset.  

Feeling space, inspiration, playfulness, plenty of quality time for yourself & together. 

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  :  this one is for you❣️

You’ll be taken such good care of by the excellent captain and yoga sailing crew!

Yoga: all levels, your teacher Mariette guides you playfully, tuning in to your needs & wishes to explore. 🙏

You can book now: 

Price: € 850 (incl. transfer, excl. flight to Dalaman) 

Further info regarding the amazing yacht, crew & all that is included, you find here: 
Info: Reserve your spot: / 06-14995059

Mariette gives the Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness, Power of the Breath (Tsa Lung) workshops and also Yin (Do-in/tao yin) yoga. Mariette guides you in a playful, relaxed, natural, powerful and inspired way.