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Full Moon Practice and Meditation - every full moon


Full Moon Practice and Meditation - every full moon 

With Full moon our body channels are naturally more open (which is what our yoga practice is about and facilitates all the other bodymind benefits). So our body-mind practice on a full moon day brings us greater benefits that last longer than on a regular day!
We bring about this Inner alchemy - as in our regular tibetan yoga practice - and now on an extra powerful day.
We work with what is there - 5 elements and awareness - to bring ourselves home in a state where we can recognize our full potential.

We work with the power of our deepest motivation, our body and our mind. So our practice is 3 fold:

⭐ Diamond Heart
In our heart we feel our deepest wishes, our motivation. Extending our wishes beyond ourselves gives us tremendous power.
(Conventional Compassion)

Diamond Body
Our body is made of the 5 elements, when they work together harmoniously, we feel in tune. With our tibetan yoga movements we use the body in a smart way, so we have this harmonious alchemy of the body chemicals going on. This means space, earth, wind, fire, water work together; creating the right temperature for hormoneproduction, circulation, nourishing ourselves with vital nutrients. Form, movement, awareness and the breath together work like a massage, opening our body helping the absorption of nutrients and facilitating the elimination of waste. And we feel space, openness, relaxation in our body.(Substantial Compassion: working with the substances in the body)

Diamond Mind
When this process in the body works harmoniously, the mind feels satisfied, becomes calm. With a calm mind we can recognize our nature.
(Absolute Compassion: nature of mind)

Come and join us, celebrating, practicing together!
➡️ It is all in the experience❣️ [🌠]

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