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20 Oktober: One Day Tibetan Yoga Retreat by the Sea!

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One Day Tibetan Yoga Retreat by the Sea! 

Kom een Tibetaanse Yoga retraite / ervaringsdag meedoen op 20 Oktober 2019

De dag bestaat uit een goede intro in de Lu Jong, veel ervaren, zowel binnen als buiten. Voel je natuurlijke ontspannen staat!

Lu Jong helpt je in het nu te zijn en thuis bij jezelf.  

Locatie: Lourdeskerk,Scheveningen:

Tijden: 10-17.00 uur 

prijs: € 60


Dit is ook een mooie gelegenheid als je wilt verkennen of de Lu Jong Opleiding iets voor je is, ik zal de opleidingsmap ter inzage meenemen. 

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In this One Day retreat Tibetan Yoga we recognize the 5 elements in Gaia and ourselves. In our body, our energy, our heartminds
The 5 elements are interdependent. In our Lu Jong practice we combine flowing movements with awareness and the breath. We allow the 5 elements to work together harmoniously. We feel their pure qualities and how they nourish us physically, energetically and mentally.
Being aware of the 5 elements and having these wisdomtools tremendously helps us in our daily life. We promote our health and happiness! In a very accessible way.

This day you will be gently guided into fully experiencing the benefits of the whole Lu Jong series: 5 Elements, Body Parts, Vital Organs & a special group of movements for health and happiness, helping us to deal with daily life situations. 

= Tools & wisdom to feel and enjoy your natural state of being.

Lu Jong has its background in
[🌠] shamanistic Bön with all its wisdom of natural cycles, the elements and how body, breath, heart and mind work together in a optimal way.
[💎] Tantrayana diamond teachings: using the body - our temple-  as a vehicle for change. Including teachings of the subtle body, being the base of health of the gross body as we know it.
[🍀]  Tibetan medicine: the holistic approach and how the Lu Jong series with all its benefits  is built up reflects this.

Read more about Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga and all its benefits: 


  • Better resistance to disease, stronger immune system
  • Increase in strength, endurance, power
  • Better circulation of blood & nutrients
  • Sharper senses
  • Better digestion, metabolic functioning & cellular processes.
  • Promote youthful radiance
  • Healthier spine & often improved posture
  • Well-being, less pains


  • Better circulation of energy
  • More balanced breath
  • Vitality increases


  • Calm mind
  • Increased awareness
  • Release of negative emotions
  • Mind power: see how we create our world with our mind
  • Better focus
  • More clarity
  • We can use mind to direct energy
  • Happy mind