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13 Maart Special Class The 5 elements as a sacred tool for daily life! Amsterdam


Special Class: The 5 elements as a sacred tool for daily life!
13 March 20.00 - 21.30 Delightyoga Nieuwe Achtergracht Amsterdam

In this Special Class full of insights and practical tools we use the body in a
smart way so the elements are balanced and we are guided in meditation to get
insights for our daily life.
Mariette guides you in a practice for health and happiness where you recognize,
balance and purify the 5 elements. This 5 element practice is rooted in Lu Jong
diamond teachings of Tibet: Shamanism, Tantrayana & Tibetan Medicine. It contains
amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together. It helps you to
tune in to what is natural, to listen to the signals of body and mind and how to
balance yourself in daily life.
Combining position, flowing movements & breath we create a massage that opens
the body in a special way. Like this we allow energy to flow well so the vital purest
substances in the body can reach all the places where needed. Same time you take
excellent care of your spine and joints, vital organs, digestion and you feel freshly
In the meditation that we do you gain insight into which elements may tend to be
dominant in your daily life and what you need in order to balance them and nourish
the ones that you need more of.
Since the quality of all our experiences depends on how balanced the elements are,
this Special Class may turn out to be an amazing valuable wisdomtools for life.
In this Special Class we are:
- Boosting our physical health: meaning the 5 elements work together
harmoniously in our body.
- Helping our mind to recognize its spaciousness, calmness and clarity (it s
nature) meaning the 5 elements works harmoniously in our mind.
- Helping ourselves to feel vibrant and energized, meaning the 5 element
energies flow unobstructedly

Feeling more space, clarity and bliss, this is the base for spontaneous insights and
genuine creations from your heart.
Suitable for all, both beginners and advanced practitioners.

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