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Lu Jong II Teacher Training

Lu Jong II Teacher Training 2021

The Lu Jong II Teacher Training will start in the Spring 2021 in Den Haag. Before this you can follow workshops in Lu Jong II for your own practice. Already please send me a mail if you are interested in Lu Jong II Teacher Training. 

Lu Jong II continues on the foundation of Lu Jong I practice. With Lu Jong II the power and harmonious collaboration of body and mind is further promoted. With the help of body, breath and movement we transform ourselves. As you know, we need to be strong for absolute happiness. Being strong also means to open our hearts. These series help us to go beyond illusion and to be home in happiness. Our health is enhanced on all levels: physically, energetically and mentally. The absorption of vital nutrients is promoted.  

Lu Jong II exists of 3 groups of movements:

Group 1: Five Movements for prevention

Group 2: Five Movements to alleviate or remove pain

Group 3: Five Movements for a good distribution of vital nutrients


Lu Jong Educator / teacher Mariette:

“Since 2007 I have received deep wisdom teachings & wisdom methods from Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Integrating these warmness teachings in daily life does not only give you tremendous benefits, it makes life more meaningful.

I started giving the Lu Jong I Teacher Training in 2009 and Lu Jong II I started to practice in 2010. 

How special our body is! Using the body as a vehicle for change we can transform ourselves and allow our mind to be home in happiness. I am super grateful to practice and share Lu Jong II. We continue to discover deeper and deeper layers of our being. I love standing next to you, so you learn the movements well, deepen your practice more and more & help you integrate the wisdom methods in daily life. So you stand in your power as Lu Jong II teacher and are going to inspire others with these series and all the benefits!”

For whom?

Certified Lu Jong Teachers and Educators with teaching experience can follow the Lu Jong II Teacher Training.   

The Lu Jong II Teacher Training exists of the following steps:  

  • an intake (live or phone)
  • registration
  • 10 education days
  • Online exam and practice exam
  • Masterclass certification weekend with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

After obtaining your certificate you can keep yourself uptodate by regularly following a Masterclass / Lu Jong II day.

In this education you will again study the Lu Jong 1 Manual. Additionally you receive a Lu Jong II manual with the 15 movements. Also you receive some additional theory during the education days. Focus is on learning, practicing, feeling the movements and integrating the various options we can offer to our students. This is important as these series are more advanced than the Lu Jong I series and you'll need to be able to give more guidance and specific instructions according to individual needs. (than you may be used to in Lu Jong I)   

Price of the education

Registration with Nangten Menlang International:     195 euro (no VAT applicable)
Educator Mariette de Kroon (KiFlow)                       1375 euro (1137,- excl. 21% VAT)
Masterclass Certification by Tulku Lobsang:              380 euro (no VAT applicable) (excl. accommodation/meals/transport)

Start: Spring 2021

Location: DEN HAAG

meet / register / receive complete schedule: / 06-14995059 


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